Mia and Me Season 3 & 4

Season 4

2019 · TV series · 2D artist / Color artist · Hahn Film AG

For Season 4, I worked as a concept and designer for the Live Action inserts with the style established on the previous season by Gábor Steisinger.
To present the ideas of the 26 episodes, I did small storyboards placed on top of the raw footage to help with the timing/position of the action.

Supervision Ringo Waldenburger

I also worked as a color artist on more than 20 characters and over 30 props.

Head of Character Design Nesch’et Al-Zubaidi
Art Director Ralph Niemeyer

Season 3

2014 · TV series · Character designer Trainee · Hahn Film AG

I joined Hahn Film AG in Berlin, Germany as a ‘Zauberlehrling’ (Sorcerer’s Apprentice), aka Trainee, where I was very lucky to have Gábor Steisinger as my mentor, supervisor and friend for the next 5 years. One of the first projects I joined was Mia and Me Season 3.


  • ‘Beste Animationsserie für Kinder’, Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart 2012
  • ‘Kids Award in Gold für MIA AND ME Hörspiel’ 2016